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safehaven yoga

terra maughan

yoga instructor

200 RYT

BA Psychology

My Story

 My name is Terra.

I believe that there is an intricate and beautiful connection between the mind, body, and spirit.  

My journey to understand the human mind started many years ago when I earned my BA of Psychology from Arizona State University.

For me, exercise has always been an integral part of being mentally healthy.    

After participating in sprint triathlons and doing Pilates for many years, my journey to find harmony between  mind, body, and spirit led me to Yoga. 

For me yoga has become the vehicle to connect these three inseparable parts of self.

In a world that is far too busy and far too loud at times, 

 yoga provides a unique and powerful opportunity to find stillness and mindfulness in our sometimes chaotic lives. 


I am the mom of four.

I think hummus was the best thing ever invented.

I have a playlist for every kind of day. 

And I believe

that our happiness is ultimately determined not by the actions of others,

by how we choose to respond to those actions. 

"In the midst of winter, I finally learned that there was in me an invincible summer" Albert Campus


I invite you to join me in this yoga journey.


hatha            yin            ashtanga


s e r v i c e s

group classes                   retreats

                    private lessons



Currently teaching at Life Time Fitness

in Gilbert. 

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c o n t a c t

Please contact me for private and group rates.